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  • Email Address: info@elizabryant.org

Crystal Ball Gala Celebrating our Elder Justice Center

Our Crystal Ball Gala, held on Saturday, March 7, 2020 exceeded all of our expectations! Thank you to everyone who worked with us to plan this celebration and thank you to everyone who supported and joined us at the St. Clair Ballroom to publicly launch our innovate Elder Justice Center. With your help, we raised $135,000 (net revenue) to support the Elder Justice Center,  a new program that provides a temporary safe space for the growing population of older adults who are experiencing some form of trauma, violence, abuse, and/or criminal victimization. To ensure clients will return to a safe environment, we work with our community partners to connect clients and their families to legal, financial and social service supports.

The innovative Eliza Bryant Village Elder Justice Center is the only provider of these unique and needed services in Ohio.



The New Eliza Bryant Village Elder Justice Center





Extending our Legacy: Elder Justice Center Friends & Supporters



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