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Eliza Bryant Village 2017 Annual Report: We Are All Eliza

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Eliza Bryant Village is pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report!

Eliza Bryant Village is pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report to you. We hope our efforts and achievements over the past year will inspire you to donate some of your time, treasure and talents to the Village in the coming year.

We Are All Eliza. This phrase serves as a reminder to both our board and staff to live the mission of the Village “to provide quality services, outreach programs and a dignified, compassionate and secure living environment for seniors.” Today’s challenges are different than those of years past. The population that we serve is older, sicker and wants to remain in their homes more so today than ever before. Our solutions to addressing these challenges are multi-faceted, but there is one common denominator – you.

Our’s is not a profitable business. We ended the 2017 in the red, providing more than $1 million in charity care. We rely on philanthropy to fill the gap. Your generosity will help us show our residents and program participants that they are still treasured members of the community. Every gift, no matter the size, is cherished by the Village.

This past year, I served as a contributing author in collaboration with my son, Andy, and many community partners in creating a video documentary of the 122-year history of Eliza Bryant Village, Voices of the Village. You can read more about that on page four of this report.

Expanding upon our mission to offer a secure environment for seniors, we are in the process of writing our next chapter. We will open our Elder Justice Center next summer where we will provide temporary respite care for the growing population of seniors who have been victimized by crime, or have suffered some form of trauma, violence, abuse. Through extensive community partnerships, we will connect them to the various supports they may need to get them back into a safe environment.

We invite you to write your chapter in our story. Your charitable gift will allow us to continue to provide high-quality care to underserved seniors in our community. Please support the Village today with a generous donation.


William T. Beargie, CPA, CFP

1st Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

Eliza Bryant Village


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