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How do you qualify for a private room?
A: The majority of nursing home rooms are dual occupancy.  There is no specific qualification for a private room. We do try to make the few private rooms we have available for patients who may need isolation, respite care or hospice.

Can I take my loved one home on a weekend visit?
A: Yes, a long term care resident may leave for the day or to stay overnight at home provided it is medically advisable.  If a patient is a skilled nursing resident, according to the Medicare law you have to bring the patient back within 4-6 hours.

Will someone call me if something happens?
A: Yes, you will be informed of any changes in condition, changes in medications or abnormal labs.  You will also be notified if a patient’s room change is necessary.

What do I need to do to get my loved one approved for Medicaid so that I don’t have to private pay?
A: We begin a Medicaid application upon admission and a list of necessary documents that you will need to provide will be given to you to expedite the process.

How do I get my loved one admitted to Eliza Bryant Village?
A:  If you are coming from a hospital or another long term facility, the referral process starts with a call to Eliza Bryant Village’s admission office.  If the individual is coming from home, please call the admission office to have a form faxed to your physician.  After we receive the completed form from your doctor we will review and call you to see if Eliza Bryant Village is the right place to receive care for your loved one.

Can I choose the Hospital that my family member goes to?
A: Yes you can, although in the case of an emergency, the ambulance may be required to take your loved one to the nearest hospital.

What is the cost of a guest meal?
A:    The cost of a guest meal is $5.00 and should be paid to the receptionist.  The receptionist will call the Dietary Department and request a tray be delivered to you.


What is Patient Liability?
A:  Medicaid pays for a large portion of long-term care services for approved residents living in nursing homes.  However, Medicaid recipients may still be responsible for paying a portion of their health care costs.  This is called a Patient Liability and is paid directly to the nursing home.

How much is Patient Liability?
A:  The resident’s Patient Liability is determined by the Medicaid caseworker and is based on an individual’s income.

How do I apply for Medicaid?
A:  Eliza Bryant Village can assist you with filling out the Medicaid application.  Medicaid requires that certain items be submitted during the application process.  A list of Medicaid required documents will be provided to you or your family during the application process.


Is Eliza Bryant Village hiring?
A: Please check our Employment page to see a list of current job openings.

What is the status of my application?
A: We thank you for your interest in Eliza Bryant Village!  If you have completed our online application form, which is required for consideration, your application has been received and we are reviewing your qualifications.  If our needs meet with your background and experience, we will call you to schedule an interview.

Can I work at Eliza Bryant Village if I have a criminal conviction?
A: It depends.  Ohio state law regulates who a nursing home may hire to work in their facility.  We conduct criminal background checks on every applicant upon hire.  If there is a problem with your background check, you will be notified immediately.  You should always be truthful on your application.

I used to work at Eliza Bryant Village and need an employment verification. What do I do?
A: Fax your request to (216) 391-1672.  You will receive a response in 1 to 2 business days.

Is Eliza Bryant Village a union facility?
A: Yes, many of our Departments have union representation, including Dietary, Nursing (with the exception of Registered Nurses), Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Environmental Services.

Are any tests required upon hire?
A: Yes, every employee is subject to a physical examination and tuberculosis test, to ensure the safety of our residents in the nursing home, our tenants, and our Adult Day participants.