Sir Spotsalot: A story of animals and healing

collage of pictures featuring a black and white catWhile Eliza Bryant Village has traditionally been a resource for elders and their families, we recently found ourselves a refuge for a homeless cat! Dubbed Spot/Rorschach/Mr. Kitty, this feline befriended staff and guests alike. One day, he approached the resident “crazy cat lady” on staff, who noticed he was in desperate need of a vet visit for an injury and a warm bed to escape the Cleveland cold.

Unbeknownst to our rescuer, one of Eliza Bryant Village’s Elder Justice Center (EJC) guests had grown quite attached to this little guy and was very sad when he disappeared from the property. But as fate would have it, Eliza Bryant Village’s social workers had not only noticed her attachment, but also put our staff member and (now former) guest in touch with each other. We are so pleased to share that Sir Spotsalot has found his furrever home with our former EJC guest in her new home. We love happy endings!

The Paw-sitive Benefits of Pets:

Any pet owner can tell you that their four-legged companion brings many benefits, but did you know that there are medical benefits to having a pet?  It has been shown that pet owners over age 65 make 30% fewer doctors visits than their petless peers. According to the National Poll on Healthy Aging conducted by the University of Michigan in 2019:

  • 79% of senior pet parents said that their four-legged (or feathered or finned) friends reduced stress.
  • 88% of adults aged 50-80 said that their pets helped them enjoy life
  • 86% of adults aged 50-80 said their pets made them feel loved.
  • 46% of seniors in fair or poor health reported that their pets help take their mind off physical pain.
  • 62% of seniors reported that their pets helped them build and stick to a routine
  • 73% said their pets provided a sense of purpose.

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