Tech Tip! How To Cut & Paste

Tech Tip – How do I cut and paste on my computer?

Looking to improve your computer skills?   Our Director of Information Technology David Siegel will be making a monthly Technology Tip in our Voice of the Village blog!


Have you ever typed something in a Word document and then had to retype it when someone asked you to email it to them? Have you ever been overwhelmed when a website emailed you a complicated password that looks like “12%th8n*g254t!h1#546” to enter into a password field on a website? Have you received an email with an address that you wanted to copy to your contacts list?


Sure, you can always retype it. But retyping is time-consuming and allows plenty of room for error. So what’s the best way to copy text? Your computer has a built-in solution!

Using simple commands on your Mac or PC, you can “copy and paste” one word, a web address, a password, entire paragraphs – even pictures. It’s useful to know how to copy and paste, because the process will work in almost any program on your computer. So let’s get to it!

I’ll explain how, step by step, and you can also watch a video at the end of this article.

First, we need to understand the difference between “Copy,” “Cut” and “Paste”

On your Mac or PC, the copy, cut and paste functions each do different things. Before we get started, here’s a quick rundown of what each does:



To copy text that’s on your computer or on the Internet is similar to photocopying a document on a Xerox machine. You are making a duplicate of an original. So you still keep the original, and you also have a separate copy. How do you know if the text or image can be copied? If you can highlight it with your cursor, then you can copy it. You can usually copy text that’s in an email, a Microsoft Word document, or the URL in your web browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.). Remember, you can copy just one sentence or entire paragraphs.


Using the “cut” function on your computer is like cutting out a paragraph from a piece of paper with scissors. Only one version of that paragraph exists. On your Mac or PC, you can cut the same text allows you to copy – anything that you can highlight with your cursor.


The paste function is the “glue.” You can paste text you have recently copied or cut. If you copy or cut text from your computer, an email or a web page, you can paste it just about anywhere.

OK, now we’re ready to get started.


Step 1. Cut or Copy Highlight the Text or Link

To start the copy and paste process, you need to highlight the text or link that you would like to copy. To do this, move your cursor to the text you would like to copy.

For PC users, click the left button on your mouse and hold it down. While holding the button down, drag your cursor over the words that you would like to copy.

For Mac users, click anywhere on your mouse and hold it down. While holding down the mouse button, drag your cursor over the words that you would like to copy

Step 2. Copy the Text or Link

Once you are finished highlighting, lift your finger off your mouse. But don’t move your mouse. Keep your cursor inside the highlighted text.

For PC users, lightly click on the right button on your mouse. This time, you will not hold down the button. You’ll see a menu pop up with the options to Copy, Cut, Paste or Delete. Select Copy.

For Mac users, go to the upper left of your screen to the Edit Menu. Most programs on your computer will have Copy under the Edit Menu alongside other options to Cut, Paste or Delete. Click on Copy.

Step 3. Paste the Text or Link

Now the text is temporarily saved in your computer’s memory, so you can go to wherever you would like to paste it – an email, a form on a web page or a Word document, for example. Place your mouse cursor exactly where you would like to paste the text. If you are copying and pasting a link, you can open a new web page. If you are copying and pasting text into a new document or email, open a new document or email and make sure your cursor is blinking.

For PC users, lightly click on the right button of your mouse. You’ll see the same pop-up menu as before. This time, click on “Paste.” Voila! Your text should magically appear.

For Mac users, go back up to the Edit Menu and select the “Paste” option. Voila! Your text should magically appear.



Take a look at this video – it’s a great tool to help make the process crystal clear.


Technology at Eliza Bryant Village

A few months ago, Eliza Bryant Village brought the power of technology to our seniors in Independent Housing through a partnership with Baldwin Wallace University’s Jacket Philanthropy Program. The project – Healthy Connecting – offered education, inspiration and hands-on assistance to our seniors to help lead a healthy lifestyle. Technology allows individuals to take control of their health by leveraging the power of technology to advance the health and well-being of aging adults. The Jacket Philanthropy Program is a student-led philanthropy program implemented through academic service-learning. Each week, seniors worked work one-on-one with a student to learn how to navigate the internet, smartphones, email, computers, tablets, etc.


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About the Author: David Siegel serves as the Director of Information Technology at Eliza Bryant Village. In his role, he is responsible for the management, strategy and execution of IT infrastructure for an organization.  For more than 10 years, Mr. Siegel has been charged with managing the infrastructure oversight of all technical operations. He serves as a hands-on professional who enjoys rolling up his sleeves and working with the team to achieve goals, meet quotas, eliminate security risks and increase overall safety and satisfaction.

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